Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nothing to See Here 

Move along, folks, nothing to see here. Some suggestions:

* Alex at Detached Observer has an amusing post on the airplane-sighting theory of disaster prediction and its implications for the debate over "Intelligent Design."

* Bonassus reader jds has directed my attention to the inconsistent but worth-watching Squidblog.

* Kevin Drum has some new thoughts on wedge issues for Democrats. Noam Scheiber also comments admiringly on Sen. Clinton's "let's reduce the number of abortions" attempt at culture war jujitsu. I'll post more on this if I have some time, but let me just point out that this tactic is not only not new, but has been a key part of talking about the issue for as long as I've been observing politics carefully (about 15 years now).

* Jonathan "Head Heeb" Edelstein has a round-up on the Hariri bombing which is definitely worth your time. Daniel Drezner has a good but not great post on the bombing's implications for Syria.

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