Friday, February 04, 2005

Monkey Menace Worsens 

The people want it, so here it is: more on the Monkey Menace [you may also wish to think of it as "more cutting-and-pasting from the BBC website"].

The latest news: the monkeys have started targeting major Indian government officials and endangered lions:
Delhi suffers from a serious monkey menace, with scores of animals seen across the city, particularly near top government offices.

The monkeys who have moved into residential areas and official enclaves due to Delhi's shrinking forests, are said to have become a 'security threat'. Last year, the ministry of defence found some of its top secret documents scattered all over the place one morning. It was blamed on the many rhesus monkeys which flock around the colonial-era building.

The prime minister's office, which is situated in the same block, is also within reach. A cabinet minister couldn't enter his official bungalow for months because the monkeys wouldn't let anybody enter the house. The presidential palace too has been targeted and staff their have been forced to employ a dark-faced langur monkey to scare away the rhesus monkeys.
Aha! It's a protection racket! And what has happened to those sinister simians who have been captured and relocated?
Madhya Pradesh had released these monkeys in the forest of Palpur Kuno situated near Gwalior. This forest is being prepared as a habitat for Asiatic lions which the state wants to borrow from Gujarat. The Gir forest of Gujarat is the only area in India where the highly endangered Asiatic lions are found.

Officials in Madhya Pradesh's fear that the monkeys may spread disease in the specially developed forest.
Perhaps we should just throw in the towel now and cut our losses. Monkey menacers, present us with your demands!

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