Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Dangerous Wedge Not to be Exploited 

Andrew Sullivan notes a disturbing division within the ranks of conservative religious Republicans:
EUPHEMISM WATCH: "Mitt Romney is going to have a hard time connecting with the social sonservative base of the party given his Mormon faith--just a fact of life. For what it's worth..." - a GOP insider as reported by Rich Lowry in NRO. Lowry clarified with another less pronounced euphemism: "Yes, the point that insider I cited earlier was making was that a Mormon would have trouble connecting with the evangelical Christian base of the party." It's not a big deal, but it is interesting as an indicator of what the GOP now is: a sectarian base with political outreach. "Trouble connecting ...?" Translation: a Mormon would not be accepted by the evangelical Christian base of the GOP because he's a ... Mormon. When your base is sectarian, it's not surprising they have sectarian preferences. A simple question: will someone not "born again" be able to be a Republican candidate for president in the near future? The answer isn't obvious.
I'm not sure I agree with Sullivan's conclusions, but I do wonder if and when we'll see a fight over precisely what religious conservatism means in the US.

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