Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Red Meat for Secularists. 

I've been too busy to post lately. I've also been working on my little self-education project about Christian tropes and memes relevant to economic policy.

Other Democratic blogs, however, are taking a different approach, continuing the "mock religious wackos" trend. If you're lookin' to get your blood pressure raised, here are some suggestions:

* Pandagon has been documenting a series of Religious Right outrages. I'm too distracted to get my hackles too far up, but maybe you're not.

* Kos has found a little slice of scripture that doesn't accord too well with the administration's current military personnel policies. As articles like this one make clear, however, this line of reasoning, which reduces to "The Bible says bats are birds, ergo your whole worldview is ridiculous," probably won't alter the outcome of policy battles.

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