Thursday, December 16, 2004

President Clinton's Legacy 

Kash at Angry Bear has made an interesting observation: the Business Roundtable, a group generally identified with Republicans, has started a new campaign to make the case for free trade. No great surprise there. There is a noteworthy aspect to the Roundtable's ad, though: it features a great big image of President Clinton's smiling mug, and sings praises of his trade policy victories.

What's going on here? I suspect that the campaign is aimed at centrist Democrats like me, whom CEOs may fear are abandoning their principled support of free trade in their eagerness to hand Republicans political defeats. Maybe I'm just being an egomaniac, though. Kash comes up with a number of other plausible explanations in his post, including the possibility that this is a warning to the White House that its recent protectionist moves are costing Bush political support with a key constituency. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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