Thursday, December 16, 2004

Managing Your Monkey Problem 

According to my referrer logs, some lucky Googler found his way to the Bonassus while searching for "how to stop monkey menace." While my blog has generally offered more in the way of monkey-menace documenting than monkey-menace solutions, this article from the Chandigarh Newsline provides some hints at managing, if not stopping, the lower-primate threat:
* Do not make direct eye contact with monkeys.
* Never cross the path between a monkey and its infant.
* While passing through a group of monkeys, be light-footed. Running disturbs the serenity of their environment and agitates them.
* Do not go near a wounded or dead monkey.
* Food must not be available to monkeys near your house.
* If a monkey collides with your vehicle, do not stop. The monkey group could attack you in retaliation.
* If a monkey makes a ‘kho-kho’ noise, do not get scared as normally, it is a bluff. Just walk away calmly.
* To make monkeys leave your garden, keep hitting the ground with a stick.
* Presence of big dogs like Doberman or bigger primates like langurs will make monkeys leave the premises.
* Loud, heavy noise, bursting of crackers or their sound track will also make monkeys leave.
* Monkeys are scared of snakes. So, real looking, wriggling plastic snakes also do the trick.
Sage words. Go buy a plastic snake before your next visit to the supermarket.

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