Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What it Takes 

Being back in my parents' house with my wife and daughter was a wonderful experience. Everyone was happy and in good spirits, and it was a truly relaxing holiday.

But what cheered me most of all was the stratospheric level of pedantry required for every conversation, a trend which reached its apex on Saturday night. My brother, in an effort to rebut arguments against his claim that "hair" was a "mass noun" and that "hairs" was not a "well-formed" word, complained that the rest of us were guilty of the greatest sin of the sophist, "splitting strands of hair."

The only thing that bugs me is that there is some chance that my brother was somehow technically correct. [I've suggested, incidentally, that "Technically, He Was Correct" should be carved on my brother's gravestone. For the record, I fully admit that it could just as accurately be engraved on mine: I have been readying my argument based on the term "crosshairs" for the inevitable second round of the conversation.]

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