Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Squid Update 

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, squid are still getting bigger, and still taking over the ocean.

Further research confirms my initial hypothesis that these super-squid are delicious. But there's more: they (or at least the type of squid mentioned in the ABC News article) are also dangerous to swimmers and surfers, and appear to be involved in drug smuggling.

The drug smuggling case is a little hard to understand, as according to the CNN story it involves "giant squid" being transported across borders. My understanding is that giant squid are mysterious creatures that no one has ever seen alive, and that only a few, partial carcasses have ever been found. In other words, smuggling cocaine in a giant squid would be a little like smuggling cocaine in an Australopithecus. This NY Times story suggests that it was just a lot of squid fillets, rather than a single giant squid, in which the cocaine was being smuggled. Let's hope that the Times has it wrong.

Finally, those Bonassus readers interested in following the story a little further (and who have access to LA Times archives) might wish to read the February 10 article on the Sea of Cortez, which describes the squid invasion in frightening (and fascinating) detail.

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