Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Save Halloween! 

Via Pandagon, I see that Christian Right folks have scored another victory: banning a "Sadie Hawkins Day"-type tradition in an east Texas town on the grounds that it "promotes homosexuality."

Maybe most Americans would just laugh this one off. But if the radical clerics have their way, Sadie Hawkins is just first on the list. Halloween is next.

Seriously. Check out these randomly-selected pages:

God hates trick-or-treaters.

Satan egged your house.

Here's a whole bibliography on the subject.

"Sure," you might say, "but none of these sites actually advocates government action to ban Halloween."

And you'd be right. But that line of thinking hasn't stopped GOP candidates and their backers from making claims about a "homosexual agenda." And maybe it shouldn't stop Democrats from introducing some wedge issue bills.

Here's my suggestion: "The American Traditions Protection Act of 2005", which will protect American holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween from efforts to ban them by dangerous activists promoting the "intolerance agenda."

Yes it's stupid. Maybe even dangerous. But is it, on balance, a bad idea?

UPDATE: I was wrong: "they" do want to ban Halloween, after all (at least when it falls on Sunday). A diligent Bonassus reader has dredged up links to news stories about an official move to ban the holiday in a Louisiana town (but see a half-hearted debunking here) and a church-led move to change the date of Halloween in Newfoundland, Canada.

I should note that I still have no idea what "banning" Halloween would actually entail.

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