Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Monkey Blogging 

Please stop me before I post another story about monkeys.

Too late!

Despite strong evidence of a simian plot to destabilize the world grocery system, governments have taken little action to date. But when a nation's public works are threatened by apes or monkeys (imperiling toll collection?), leaders jump into action. I, for one, applaud the brave officials of Himachal Pradesh state in India, who are finally taking steps to take back man's highways.

The BBC reports that up to 2,035 of the state's 378,860 monkeys have taken up the lives of highwaymen. (Somebody else made up those numbers, by the way. Don't blame me for the suspiciously-precise count) Mankind's defenders?
Monkey-catching experts have been brought in from other states and the national capital Delhi to help the wildlife department in their task.

The move followed an order of the high court after complaints that the monkeys were becoming a menace.

Officials say the monkeys attacked anyone carrying food, rummaged through dustbins and littered the place while people looked on helplessly.

There have also been growing cases of monkey bites in the state capital, Simla, which is a popular tourist resort...

Some people believe that a more effective way of dealing with the menace would be to sterilise the monkeys instead of moving them from place to place.

But wildlife officials are nervous about taking that step since such a large-scale sterilisation of monkeys has never been carried out so far.

"The final decision regarding sterilisation of monkeys would be taken after an in-depth study of similar operations elsewhere," said Mr Gulati.
Presumably the sterilization experiment will take place in or near a grocery store.

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