Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night II: Poll Closing Times 

You can see when polls close here. There is some possibility that polls will be held open late again this year in some places. This is a regular (albeit contentious) feature of election nights in the US.

UPDATE: The TV nets are reporting that polls in Ohio may be held open an additional five hours to allow people who joined lines at polling places by the official closing times to vote. This isn't the same thing as holding a polling place open late (as in the link above, or as in the case of St. Louis in the 2000 election)

UPDATE 2: CNN is reporting (in a somewhat confused manner) that polls in Allegheny County, PA are being held open. Judy Woodruff suggested this could benefit either candidate. Jeff Greenfield pointed out that this was a bizarre reading. Josh Marshall, though, has a different take: it's only provisional balloting that's being held open for an additional thirty minutes.

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