Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day III: My Visit to the Polls 

Mrs. Bonassus and I went to vote early this morning, but there were literally hundreds of people waiting in line. Calvin Trillin rode up on a bike, looking super-mega-nerdy, and started asking the toothless (literally, not figuratively) pollworker whether he had to wait in line if he always voted here. I think he was deadpanning.

We decided to come back later.

At around noon, we ventured back to P.S. 3 to find that the line was down to a more manageable 25 or so people. We had some entertainment while we waited: Someone had constructed a kind of robot out of army boots and camouflage fabric. The boots formed two wheels (radiating from a hub with the soles at the outer edge), and the robot rolled back and forth in an amusing manner. Somebody (presumably the sculptor) was manipulating the robot via remote control, but I didn't see who it was, as I was too busy laughing at the reactions of passing dogs. Attention comedians: dogs + robots = hilarious.

Once inside the polling place, we had to stand in another line to actually use the machine for our specific electoral subdivision. A couple of the people ahead of us weren't on the voter list, and had to fill out provisional ballots. We got a little nervous about election board incompetency, but luckily, the Bonassus family was still on the list.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, we don't get no fancy-pants electronic touch screen voting booths here in Greenwich Village. We're still using machines which appear to have been built in the 1950s, basically one step up from scrawling our votes on ostrakons and tossing them into a jar.

Mission accomplished!

We headed back outside, but the robot was gone. We saw a couple of policemen standing around, and jumped to the conclusion that they had asked the roboticist to move his creation for some reason having to do with electioneering near a polling place, but this was just a guess.

The End.

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