Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate II 

OK, due to a fit of irrational exuberance after watching David Ortiz's walk-off home run, I decided to watch some of the debate. As I've said before, I don't believe that scoring the debate on the merits or on my (admittedly partisan) opinion of the candidates' style is a realistic way of judging the winner of the debate, or of estimating how voters will be swayed by their relative performance.

That being said, here are some quick impressions:

* The President invoked the Dred Scott decision? I guess it was the only one he could think of. Truly bizarre.

* Some of the President's verbal tics remind me of no one so much as David Brent from The Office, particularly when he smiles, nods, and says a questionably-relevant one-buzzword sentence like "morality" or "strength."

* Everybody's going to be talking about Kerry's poorly-explained reference to GWB's "timber company", and Bush's equally weird response. Bizarre.

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