Sunday, October 03, 2004

Debate I 

I've gotten a number of e-mails asking me my thoughts about the first presidential debate. I actually didn't watch it. But that won't stop me from commenting on it. 'Cause the debate itself is meaningless. It's the conventional wisdom about who won the debate that actually matters, electorally. And of course, the debate has absolutely no importance when it comes to actual policymaking, now or in the future.

The conventional wisdom, at this early date (three days after the debate), appears to be that John Kerry won handily. But the debate is still occurring, or rather its importance is still being determined. As far as I can tell, the dominant impression that the debate engendered was that Bush looked unprepared, foolish, and tired. I'm not sure this is the best of all possible worlds for the Kerry campaign, but it'll have to do.

In order to do my part to help spread the "Bush is incompetent" meme (which, oddly, still needs doing), I hereby present this link to a video of Bush's debate performance, which shows him repeatedly failing to make a coherent point and looking anything but presidential. I urge all my rabidly-partisan readers to e-mail it around as widely as they can.

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