Thursday, August 19, 2004

Quick News Roundup 

Not much time to post today, so I'll limit it to this:

1) The New York Times has an excellent article on the organized effort by the Democratic Party and its supporters to give Ralph Nader a taste of what playing in the big leagues really means. The article makes it very clear that if Nader were really interested in party-building, independent politics or increasing the visibility of his political agenda, he'd have started by pursuing procedural reform instead of a vanity candidacy. It's also worthwhile to note that the SEIU, which has won the hearts of economic lefties for its aggressive union-organizing and negotiating tactics, has taken up the anti-Nader cause with its typical ferocity. For those of you who are attorneys (or want to help in non-technical ways), contact your state Democratic Party or The Ballot Project, Inc.

2) Parliamentary politics in Israel are even more unstable than usual right now. The Head Heeb brings his usual incisive analysis to bear on the situation facing Ariel Sharon as he tries to decide whether to form a coalition government with Labor, even as his party convention has voted against the idea.

3) Steve Silver has collected the nominees and winners for his Eckstein Award
Named for Angels shortstop David Eckstein, the award is given out in honor of athletes/celebrities whose names are Jewish, even though they’re not.
It's a great idea, and one whose timeframe should include the historical (David Cone, for example). I myself recall sitting in Hebrew school as a very young child, wasting time by gazing at a poster of the US Presidents, wondering whether President James Buchanan (which I read as "BOO-khah-nahn") was Jewish or just had a Jewish-sounding name. In any case, readers are invited to submit suggestions to this blog so that I can take credit for them.

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