Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More on that Monkey 

The Post knows a winner when it sees one, and has more today on the biting macaque (heh heh):
Darla the monkey, who performs menial household tasks for her disabled owner, Steve Seidler, bit 6-year-old Shayna Wasserman in front of her Bergen Beach home in June 2003, the victim's mother said.

"Steve was walking the monkey and his pit bull," said Jessica Wasserman. "The monkey jumped off his shoulder and onto my daughter's face. She blocked him, so he bit her shoulder."

"It was very painful," Shayna, now 8, recalled. "He just ripped the skin off. After that, I was afraid to go outside. I hate monkeys now. There should be no monkeys in the world."
Just to review: this man has two pets, a monkey and a pit bull. The monkey is his cook. Two small children now hate monkeys, one to a genocidal degree. And the monkey? He's got a lot to learn about the role of visual imagery in politicized legal cases:

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