Tuesday, August 17, 2004

If They Don't Win, It's a Shanda (Not a Shonda Schilling) 

The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York is getting ready to honor the 143 Jews who have ever played Major League Baseball:
Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax are already in the Hall of Fame. The other 141 Jewish major leaguers will get their due this month.

The Cooperstown, N.Y., shrine will host "A celebration of Jews in baseball" Aug. 29-30 in conjunction with the 350th anniversary of Jews in America. It will be the first kosher dinner in the Hall.

"It's a small group and it's an honor to be among them," said Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Shawn Green, the most accomplished of 10 active Jewish players.
Readers should note that while Rod Carew and David Eckstein are not likely to attend (as neither, despite conventional wisdom, is actually Jewish), Kevin Youkilis, the "Greek God of Walks," is in fact one of us.

The article features a couple of choice quotes, including Gabe Kapler on playing alongside Youkilis on the only multi-Jew team this season:
"It's unspoken, but we share a common bond out there," Kapler said. "You have 24 guys who have a very different belief system than the one you were brought up with. You never feel that you are left out, but you understand: There's a difference."
And Shawn Green, on the groupie problems he faces
For Green, the biggest problem for a modern Jewish ballplayer is turning down all the bar mitzvah invitations from fans.

"I get all kinds of stuff, and you can only do the most you can," he said. "It's tough during the season because there aren't too many Jewish players, so everywhere we go the Jewish communities reach out to us. We do what we can."
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