Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Fears Confirmed 

After I saw Jaws when I was about eight, I had to convince myself there wasn't a shark in any body of water (lake, swimming pool, bathtub) before I was willing to get into it.

I can only imagine what the rest of this kid's childhood will be like:
A Hong Kong teenager had a nasty shock when he trailed his hand in a fountain - and got bitten by a piranha.

The boy, 14, was taken to hospital where he received three stitches in his left index finger, but was not in a serious condition, officials said.

Staff at the housing complex where the attack took place drained the fountain on Tuesday morning.

They found three dead freshwater fish, including two piranhas of a rare breed - apparently abandoned household pets.

Piranhas are popular fish in Hong Kong and can be bought at pet shops for less than HK$100 ($12.80) a pair.

Signs have now been posted around the fountain requesting pet owners not to release unwanted fish into the water.
Sadly, the boy was unavailable for comment, as monsters under his bed had eaten him later that night.

UPDATE: "Grandma, it hurts! It hurts!"

The New York Post has an incredible article describing a recent incident in Brooklyn involving a "service" macaque, a 2-year-old and a supermarket. It's more or less the ultimate Post article, and it surely took all three of the reporters assigned to the story to generate such memorable reporting.

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