Friday, July 16, 2004

Which Commandment Is It? 

After taking Slate's insipid Red State/Blue State test, Charles Kuffner notes:
Now, as a good Catholic boy, I know darn well that the Eighth Commandment prohibits bearing false witness against one's neighbor. As that wasn't a choice - which it should have been, with a +10 Blue value - I guessed to pick stealing, which is the Seventh Commandment where I come from. That was a big fat +10 Red, which perhaps skewed my overall result a tad. C'est la vie, as they say around here.
Why the confusion? Surprisingly, Jews, Protestants and Catholics, while agreeing that there are indeed 10 Commandments, and on the block of text which contains these commandments, disagree on how to divide the text to come up with ten.

For the details, check out this useful site.

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