Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"Pig Companies" 

I promised a Nader posting moratorium, so let me say this in my defense: this post is about Salon.com, not Nader. Sort of.

Here's what I'm wondering: In Salon Editor David Talbot's interview with Ralph Nader (published today), did Nader really refer repeatedly to "pig" companies? Or is this a mistranscription of "big?"
Nader: How about the second piece ["Strange Alliance: Why Is Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire Publishing Ralph Nader's Latest Tome?"] -- this complete smear? I mean, this one doesn't even pass the laugh test. Where's your banking done? Do you know any major publisher that isn't owned by a pig conglomerate?


But to follow your principle would be for me to say, "I don't want anything to do with NBC. It's owned by a pig company called GE. And I certainly don't want anything to do with MSNBC because it's owned by both GE and Microsoft." They are worse than Rupert Murdoch, and I will tell you why -- Rupert Murdoch does not produce death-dealing weapons and sell them to dictatorships."
Nader does spend most of the interview hyperventilating and making broad statements, but who actually says "pig companies?"

Dear Salon: Nader's actual words sound stupid enough. Don't give him any more ammunition for his claims of press unfairness with sloppy editing.

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