Monday, July 26, 2004

Kerry at Fenway 

Oof. Not so good. Hopefully John Kerry's interview on ESPN during last night's Red Sox-Yankees game was a warm-up, not an indicator of things to come. He looked like he was afraid, and wasn't able to express a strong opinion on whether or not Roger Clemens should go to the Hall of Fame as a Red Sox player or not. Even if he's trying hard not to antagonize anyone, where on earth is the Clemens-loving Red Sox Nation demographic? Unless Roger Rocket ends up back on the Sox this year (EXTREMELY unlikely), he'll likely remain a hated traitor in the minds of most Sox fans. And nobody else (except Roger) cares.

At least the opposition doesn't seem up to speed yet, either. Note this very lame (and nonsensical) sound bite in today's NY Times:
Mr. Kerry was showered with both cheers and boos as he strode to the mound, where he tossed the first pitch toward Will Pumyea, 23, a Massachusetts National Guard veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who wore fatigues. The ball bounced in front of the catcher.

"It's like his foreign policy," said Larry Restiano, who was at the game. "It hit the ground before it even reached home." Mr. Restiano and his wife, Debbie, were among those booing Mr. Kerry loudly.
Yes, that's just like his foreign policy. Similarly, his face is very long, just like his stance on issuing executive orders. Furthermore, he often sounds self-consciously stentorian, just like his track record on Medicare reform.

C'mon, guys: let's kick it up a notch, huh?

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