Monday, July 19, 2004

Easter Island's Got Nothin' On Us 

The Washington Post reports today on the opening of President's Park at Water Country USA, a new attraction in Virginia featuring 7,000 pound, 20-foot high busts of the 42 men who have served as US President. Apparently the sculptor (creator of the 76-foot high statue of Sam Houston in Huntville, TX) has foolishly chosen to not cast two separate Grover Cleveland heads. Readers are invited to e-mail the park to protest this nonsensical decision. In the park's defense, the heads seem to be visible from the "Hubba Hubba Highway" attraction, which strikes me as important.

In keeping with this important news, I'd like to remind Bonassus readers to cross their fingers and hope that Lincoln, Illinois decides to go through with plans to build the 30-story statue of Abraham Lincoln which I described here. The Washington Post updated the story in May, but I think we need to keep up the drumbeat and am pursuing a lead. I'll keep you informed of my progress. [I will report later with updates on my hometown Tulsa's plans to erect a colossal, hideous statue as well.]

All of this makes me wonder: Do other democratic countries have giant statues of elected leaders, too? There are apparently plans to build a 180-ft statue of Nelson Mandela in South Africa (much to Mandela's chagrin). Canada has a giant viking, and I suppose if you squint hard enough he resembles Pierre Trudeau, but as far as I know (which is a very short distance, indeed) there are no 100-foot high statues of de Gaulle, Nehru, Ben Gurion, or other similarly exalted figures in their home countries, let alone colossal busts of other democracies' equivalents to Millard Fillmore, Chester Arthur and Gerald Ford.

Readers: Let me know if I'm wrong.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the Heads before they were shipped from Texas to Virginia, courtesy of Off the Kuff.

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