Monday, July 26, 2004

Does Safire Get Fact-Checked? 

From today's William Safire NY Times column:
Unaccountably, the only Democratic group left out in the cold by the Shrumbums (the affectionate sobriquet that Toots Shor would have applied to acolytes of Kerry's eloquence grise, Robert Shrum) is the tree-hugging set. Can you imagine a Democratic platform document without a single mention of global warming?

I'm told that there was quite a struggle over that litmus-test phrase, but the smokestack set won out. That hands Ralph Nader an opening to exploit here in Boston. He will surely find the pragma-greens angry at him for being the skunk at the garden party and will use global warming to embarrass them, which is precisely what he needs to stir up a modicum of news-making controversy in this frozen sea of tranquillity.
From the 2004 Democratic platform:
[E]ven though overwhelming scientific evidence shows that global climate
change is a scientific fact, this administration has rewritten government reports to hide that fact...climate change is a major international challenge that requires global leadership from the United States, not abdication.
Okay, so the word "warming" isn't used. Has word usage-maven Safire not noticed the trend toward referring to the problem as "global climate change?" Is there anyone fact-checking Safire, or can he just make stuff up?

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