Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Conspiracy Theorists as Conspirators? 

I am second to no one (NO ONE!) in the "sneering at protests and protestors" category. But even I find this report (from the NY Daily News) ludicrous:
Fearing a plot by rabble-rousers to overwhelm city emergency rooms, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is planning an unprecedented deployment of NYPD-employed physicians for triage duties outside Madison Square Garden, the Daily News has learned.

The doctors will assist Fire Department medics in performing battlefield evaluations of prisoners who are claiming illness or injury to determine whether they need medical attention or are fakers, sources said.
I've met some really, really stupid protestors in my day. I've seen all the reports on the guys who use WTO ministerial meetings as a way to smash windows and vandalize fast-food restaurants. And I'm quite willing to believe that there will be some organized attempts to slow down or stop city services during the GOP convention.

But I can't picture a bunch of Greenpeace types (or even the "God hates fags" contingent) twirling their moustaches (or beards) and gleefully plotting to shut down hospitals.

Also, there's this tidbit further down in the article:
The medical corps will comprise about 30 full-time police surgeons who treat injured and sick cops, and more than 100 doctors designated "honorary" police surgeons by the NYPD.

"Anything the chief surgeon asks us to do, we will do it," Dr. Ira Rothfeld, president of the Society of Honorary Police Surgeons of the City of New York, said yesterday.
There's a Society of Honorary Police Surgeons? I wonder if there's a Phi Beta Kappa for holders of honorary doctorates, or if there are "Key-to-the-City" key-club parties.

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