Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Biblical Prophecy and the Third Party Dilemma 

It's a problem every minor party entering US politics faces: convincing Joe Voter that supporting a non-mainstream presidential candidate isn't simply throwing away a perfectly good vote. When potential supporters start making noises about how, say, voting for Nader is equivalent to voting for George Bush, making a convincing argument gets even harder.

One argument that Greens used in the 2000 election (generally described as "Leninist") was that it was okay to throw the election to the Republicans, because things would get so much worse under a Bush administration that a mythical leftist majority would finally appear, organize under the Green banner, and throw off the yoke of Republican/Democrat centrist hegemony.

The Greens aren't the only party to adopt this logic. The hyper-right-wing Constitution Party has posted a document explaining why a vote for their candidate, Michael Paroutka, is better than a vote for that UN-loving, gay-friendly George W. Bush. It's an interesting piece of literature, not least because the arguments so closely echo those of Greenies, while espousing policies that would send Green voters away screaming. The Constitution Party takes a more millenarian (and thus more accurate described as "Leninist") approach to the "wasted vote" question, though:
The Bible says one-world government is coming anyway. You can’t stop it. So why bother?

Well, let’s just throw up our hands and give up, then. Don’t go to the polls. Don’t get involved. Don’t bother living for God, either. That way, we can hasten the inevitable and be all the sooner on our way out of here.

Really, that’s a very poor attitude. Is that what our Founders fought to give us? The Founders had the same Bible with the same prophecies in it, yet, they found cause enough to stand for their liberties and fight for them, some of them even dying for them. Where has the spirit of the American revolution gone?

If the excuse not to help the CP and not to vote for Peroutka is that one-world government is unstoppable, then don’t vote for Bush, either. Vote for Kerry so it will come all the faster.

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