Friday, June 18, 2004

Sudan Media Update 

I'm under the gun, workwise, so I haven't posted much on Sudan. J forwarded me a notice that Bill Moyers will be devoting his NOW program to the Darfur situation tonight at 9PM Eastern. I'll be at a Mets game, so I'm going to miss it, but you can check your local listings here. If any readers watch the show, please post your impressions in the comments section.

If you're looking for more info, the Head Heeb has an update here noting the spread of the conflict beyond the borders of Sudan into Chad. Bad stuff. And the New York Times editorial page called today for US-led diplomatic action here:
Washington can act on its own and with more enlightened partners, like the European Union. So far the administration has talked about imposing travel bans on Janjaweed leaders and freezing their assets. That is meaningless because none of those leaders are expected to try to travel to the United States, and none have assets anywhere Washington can seize them. It would be a more useful start to impose these and other penalties on Sudanese government officials until they move against the Janjaweed. Hundreds of thousands of lives may depend on quick, firm action.
I think targeted sanctions are probably a good idea. I think putting a UN monitoring force on the ground may also be a good idea.

Finally, I'm going to a talk with Nicholas Kristof of the Times next week. He'll have just returned from the region. There should also be a lot of NGO/development agency people at the talk. If readers of this site (i.e. you) think of questions for me to ask at the event, post 'em in the comments or e-mail me if you're shy.

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