Monday, June 21, 2004

A Man of Integrity 

More non-gratuitous Nader-bashing: Daily Kos reports that not only has Nader's campaign in Arizona apparently failed to get enough signatures to put his name on the ballot, but
The petition collectors were working for a GOP outfit, and were collecting signatures for two high-profile ballot initiatives. One is the "Protect Arizona Now" initiative, which is an anti-immigrant effort. The other is an attempt to repeal Arizona's landmark Clean Elections Bill which provides for public financing of political campaigns.

The actual Nader petition did its best to fudge its purpose. The petitioners only said they were collecting signatures for an "independent candidate". The words "RALPH NADER" were buried in the petition page in 9pt font.

So to make this perfectly clear -- Nader's petition effort piggybacked on both a xenophobic anti-immigrant effort, and an effort to roll back the state's public financing of elections. This is how low Nader has sunk. Is it any wonder his negatives are in the 70s and 80s?
Kos also points out that about 90% of the signatures were from registered Republicans.

Dear Nader voter: please apply your ultra-purist, "follow the money", pseudo-sophisticated brand of political analysis to this bit of news. If you still give Nader a free pass, please tell me why.

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