Thursday, June 24, 2004

Has Nader Come to His Senses? Probably Not 

From NPR:
Nader says he is running for the office as a way to steer the Democratic Party toward an agenda he advocates. The longtime consumer advocate wants would-be supporters to attend his rallies, but he says he wants them to feel free to cast their votes for Sen. John Kerry once they enter the voting booth -- especially in swing states where their vote might help defeat President Bush.
OK, great, Ralph, but why are you trying to get on the ballot in swing states, then? It can't be because you're trying to build up the Green Party, as you claimed four years ago, since you aren't affiliating yourself directly with them. It doesn't seem to be because you're actively trying to build your own party, since as far as I can tell you haven't made any serious moves in this direction.

Are you actually behaving responsibly and strategically? Will you agree to drop out of the race if Kerry makes some particular set of promises? What gives?

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