Friday, June 04, 2004

Great Rabbinical Names 

On our wedding day, my wife and I got a call from the Rabbi who was supposed to marry us. He told us that his brother had had a heart attack, and that he was rushing to Chicago to be with his ailing sibling. In his place he was sending a replacement officiant.

When my father and I arrived at the train station to pick up the new guy, we learned that he was a Cantor, not a Rabbi, and that his name was Pharrel Weiner. My dad refers to him as "Wild Dick," and I'm proud to have his name on my Ketubah.

It's a pretty good name, but not as good as that of Rabbi Falik Schtroks, who has proven that one's name is one's destiny by becoming a mohel (one of only two mohels in British Columbia, actually).

And Rabbi Capers Funnye is definitely in contention.

Let me know if you have other good clerical names to share: this is an ecumenical offer, by the way, so leaders of all faiths can be nominated.

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