Monday, June 28, 2004

Convince Me, Please! 

As much of the blogosphere is thrilled to report, there's news today on the Niger-Yellowcake story. Here's a Financial Times story with new claims about the source of the documents. Here's Josh Marshall saying that the FT story is a calculated cover-up designed to blunt the impact of his upcoming bombshell report. And here's Unfogged getting fogged up about the smackdown-to-be.

Maybe I'm alone here, but even as a heavily-credentialed international politics news nerd, I cannot for the life of me get excited about this. Marshall promises "tectonic shifts", and I hope, how I hope that he will produce something worth my attention.

But I'm afraid that the best-case scenario here is something like Whitewater (remember how well that turned out for the opposition party?). The public isn't going to remember the controversy, let alone care about who fooled whom. Even most lefty bloggers aren't going to care for more than a minute or two. And the more interesting (and more likely to produce newsworthy indictments) related story, that of Valerie Plame's unmasking, hasn't exactly shaken DC to its very core yet.

But I want to believe. Convince me, Josh Marshall. Better yet, convince me, intrepid Bonassus readers.

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