Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Update on Sopranos Theory 

Steve Silver (a real journalist who does journalistic things like talking to actual human beings about stories) went to a Sopranos panel discussion and asked some important questions:
Some fascinating insights were shared about the writing and storyboarding process, such as the way the entire arc of each character is mapped out at the beginning of the season. I also asked Green to confirm Daniel Geffen’s theory about Little Carmine being a George W. Bush stand-in. She said that while the theory made sense she hadn’t heard it before, although Green stressed that that particular episode was penned by another writer.

Interestingly, the Gay Vito thing did not come up in conversation, although an HBO publicist (while trying to fend off a pushy reporter asking about Dominic Chianese’s alleged ties to political extremist Lenora Fulani) said that Vito’s story is not one that will resurface in any major way this year.

And finally, Green confirmed that the writing of the sixth and final season will begin in January of 2005, with the new episodes debuting in (yikes) January of 2006. So enjoy the last three episodes of this year; you won’t be getting any more new ‘Sopranos’ for awhile.
Intriguing stuff. As I posted yesterday in an update, I'm more certain than ever about my pet theory, even without confirmation from the writers. I still haven't decided how I feel about the whole "we just drop interesting storylines altogether if we feel like it" policy, and I'm mildly disappointed we won't see how the Finn/Vito interaction plays itself out anytime soon.

Also, Dominic Chianese is being accused of ties to Fulani? Can you imagine seeing Junior Soprano up on a dais behind a political candidate?

UPDATE: For those of you who don't read the comments, Adam Bonin documents the Chianese-Fulani axis, including a link to the picture I imagined in my original post. Read the comment. And leave one yourself, you lurker, you.

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