Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Atlantic's Proper-Name Index 

The last page of the newest Atlantic Monthly is dedicated to what's either a new feature or a wonderful parody: a proper-name index for the issue.

Here are a few of the selections:
Albright, Madeleine, undignified metaphorical posture assumed by, 64

Brown, James, as "Godfather of Soul," 41; as demanding landlord, 41

Cheney, Dick, cardiac prospects of 40-41; very survival of as "testament to medical science," 40

Davis, Miles, as Great Satan of jazz fusion, 132

Jackson, Janet, polarizing nipple of, 46

Jefferson, Thomas, as godless anti-marriage Francophile, 76

Richardson, Elliot, as cabinet all-star, 114; as "better than you," 114
Anyway, you get the idea. If this is what a magazine's index looks like, I hope the practice spreads.

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