Saturday, April 03, 2004

Third Party Schadenfreude Timeline 

Over on Slate, Timothy Noah is keeping up a lonely (and ineffective) drumbeat calling for Judge Roy Moore, of Hideous Ten Commandments Plaque fame, to face down the nay-sayers and run for US President. The hope here is that right-wing idealists are as easy to fool as those on the left, and that Moore will serve as a kind of Ralph Nader of the Right (despite the actual Nader's ludicrous claims to this mantle).

Is this a possibility? Presumably, the Constitution Party's nomination is Moore's for the taking. He's already announced he won't accept the nomination, but this kind of false modesty is a well-worn strategy in presidential politics, so our hopes shouldn't die just yet. These good folks don't choose their nominee until late June, at their convention in Valley Forge, PA.

The Constitution Party, by the way, bills itself as
the only party which is completely pro-life, anti-homosexual rights, pro-American sovereignty, anti-globalist, anti-free trade, anti-deindustrialization, anti-unchecked immigration, pro-second amendment, and against the constantly increasing expansion of unlawful police laws, in favor of a strong national defense and opposed to unconstitutional interventionism.

For those of you keeping score at home, or considering running for President of the United States, the other "major" minor party conventions take place as follows:

Libertarians: May 28, Atlanta
Greens: June 23, Milwaukee (Milwaukee?)
Reform: July 30, Columbus OH (Splinter 1 of Perot's Reform Party, endorsed Nader in 2000)
American Reform: TBA (Splinter 2 of Perot's Reform Party, seeking anti-immigration centrists)
America First Party: TBA (Splinter 3 of Perot's Reform Party, supported Patrick Buchanan)
Natural Law: No convention
Prohibition (only registered in Colorado): No convention

Some of these parties have already made it onto 20 or more state ballots. You can follow their progress in obtaining ballot access here.

I hope that any Bonassus readers who choose to seek a third-party nomination for any elective office will contact me: I'm genuinely interested in hearing about your experiences.

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