Monday, April 19, 2004

I Like the Island Life: Part I 

My friend Bora (whose name is half an island's), once escaped an uncomfortable situation is a way I highly recommend emulating. Stuck at a table at a bar with an angry, argumentative couple in the throes of a nasty break-up, Bora closed his eyes, tapped on the table, smiled, and said: "You know what, guys? I like the island life."

Wise words from a wise man.

But the island life isn't always so serene. And it can be fraught with international tension, as my prior post on the Canada/Denmark squabble over Hans Island illustrates.

Today, look for more posts on islands, disputed territory, and non-state actors. And don't forget to bring the sunblock.

Part II: More disputed territory. The Spratly Islands and the sometimes silly fight over them.
Part III: Not just geographical oddities: the history of political islands, or exclaves.
Part IV: A danger to the nation-state system? History and politics of artificial islands.

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