Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hobbit Builds Sailboat on Mountain, Karen Hughes is French 

This article (from the front page of the Washington Post!) reads like something from the Onion, or a right-wing fantasy about the typical liberal. It tells the story of App Applegate, an 85-year-old, 5-foot tall ("hobbit-sized") former college professor who has built a boat to sail to the socialist paradise of Cuba. His biggest problem right now: he built the boat (financed with social security checks) on a mountain 6 miles away from the nearest body of water.

The key element of the story describes Applegate's friendship with woodcarver and organic-food advocate Rivkah Sweedler:
Applegate and Sweedler see eye to eye on religious, environmental and political matters: Her late husband, Walter, was also an atheist. App and Rivkah are outspoken advocates of open-field defecation. They deeply dislike President Bush.
In other ridiculous "news", it turns out that Kerry-basher and former Bush aide Karen Hughes was born in Paris. Yeehaw.

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