Monday, April 05, 2004

Anti-Anti-Semitic Googlebombing 

Unfortunately, as of right now, if you enter the term "Jew" into the Google search engine, the top match returned is for a nasty little anti-semitic website. After hearing about this from my friend Itamar and reading about it on the ever-excellent Crooked Timber, I've decided to join the attempt to "googlebomb" this situation away by linking to the Wikipedia definition of Jew. If the googlebomb is successful, the anti-semitic site will be bumped out of first place.

For those of you who've received e-mail asking you to sign a petition requesting Google delink the obnoxious site, I refer you to this Jerusalem Post article (free registration required), which seems to indicate that a petition may not be all that successful an instrument. On the other hand, I'm sure it can't hurt.

One question does occur to me: googlebombing is a great way to get a site to the top of a google search list. But even if the effort I'm joining is successful, all we've achieved is moving the anti-semitic site to second place. What should be the goal here for those of us who love free speech but dislike racist rhetoric? Comments are very welcome on this one.

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